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Moonlite Entertainment is the source of home entertainment products for Lao and Thai speaking communities in the Seattle area and beyond.......

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Lao Karaoke
Please look thru our complete list of Lao karaoke selection. Over the years, Lao karaoke production companies have work hard on bringing us better video, better music and better technology, such as offering DVD format. Please help us support your music, your favorite singers, by purchasing only original copies. Without your support, there will be no progress in lao music!!!


Lao VCD karaoke are $10.00/each, Lao DVD karaoke are $13.00/each, plus shipping.

Please scroll down to see complete list of Lao karaoke!                      

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tys27.jpg (125470 bytes)

Gularb Meaungpearh

komsun & junpen.jpg (119861 bytes)

Komsun & Junpen

kompet & Toi.jpg (142485 bytes)

Kompet & Toi



TouiBbgun.jpg (149535 bytes)

Toui Bb Gun

xye & bungone.jpg (106318 bytes)

Xye Meaungneur & Bungone

ldskyvcd.jpg (95048 bytes)

LD Sky

tys26.jpg (144740 bytes)

Pbakyetoom & Pbakyetip

daomaungtai.jpg (115065 bytes)

Dao Meaungtai

deuonvilada.jpg (106849 bytes)

Deoun Vilada

poonah vcd.jpg (103133 bytes)


ole hutsadong vcd.jpg (102588 bytes)

Ole Hutsadong

jumpyldv108.jpg (144724 bytes)

Jumpy & Vanxay

somporn106a.jpg (99296 bytes)

Somporn Vialavong

sompornldv106.jpg (94434 bytes)

Somporn Vilavong

petlumkong.jpg (136465 bytes)

Pet Lumkong

manithldv104.jpg (97798 bytes)

Manith Pearhvongsa

manithldv103_small.jpg (2680 bytes)

Manith Pearhvongsa

chrisldv107.jpg (112491 bytes)

Chris 2002

tys5stars088.jpg (129697 bytes)

TYS 5 Stars

suitjai.jpg (122982 bytes)


vannasak.jpg (146936 bytes)

Vannasak Thongulai

champathong21.jpg (138619 bytes)

Goe & Bounsvard

champathong22.jpg (132394 bytes)

Phuothone Panyara

lintongldv087.jpg (96466 bytes)

Linthong Khampoomee

sungkomniyom.jpg (110173 bytes)

Sungkom & Niyom

Voraded.jpg (139786 bytes)

Voraded Ditthavong

kanethonggoolarb.jpg (114261 bytes)

Kanethong & Goolarb

komsunldv080.jpg (124856 bytes)

Komesun Kumsone

smaiporn082.jpg (113993 bytes)

Oyjai & Komesun

smaiporn075.jpg (131345 bytes)

Smaiporn Posee

petmanee083.jpg (109728 bytes)

Petmanee & Kanethong & Vilai..

kanethongthanakarn.png (2123976 bytes)

Kanethong Pragonkham

gawvisthhongsom.png (2349221 bytes)

Gaw Viseth & Hongsompard

oyjaivienglai.png (2236150 bytes)

Oyjai & Vienglai

daraphetsombath1.jpg (190388 bytes)

Daraphet & Sombath

kanethong_small.jpg (3270 bytes)

Kanethong Pragonkham

vilaihong_small.jpg (3975 bytes)

Vilaihonge Duangsomponge

vilai.hukkonjaidum_small.jpg (3585 bytes)

Vilaihonge Duangsomponge

manitbmw_small.jpg (2572 bytes)

Manit Pearhvongsa

Gularb_small.jpg (3497 bytes)

Gularb Meaungpear

vonevilai_small.jpg (3668 bytes)

Vonevilai Khampoomee

christina_small.jpg (3582 bytes)

Christina Xaiyavong

lily_small.jpg (4087 bytes)


gee_small.jpg (3846 bytes)

Gee Moragote

uokeo_small.jpg (3657 bytes)

Uokeo Xayavong

sombathUokeo_small.jpg (3843 bytes)

Uokeo & Sombath

airlovesong_small.jpg (4492 bytes)

Air Lovesong

seangdeoun_xernteow_small.jpg (3678 bytes)

Seangdeoun Chanthaveexay

seangdeounkawmao_small.jpg (3591 bytes)

Seangdeoun Chanthaveexay

seangdeounlumpern_small.jpg (4058 bytes)

Seangdeoun Chanthaveexay

dang_small.jpg (3931 bytes)

Dang Duangdeoun

sakky_small.jpg (3884 bytes)

Sarky M.

b.obo_small.jpg (3665 bytes)

B.Obo & Thipavane

kumteum_small.jpg (3799 bytes)

Voraded & Kumteum

phonedvd_small.jpg (4528 bytes)

Phone Phoummithone

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