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sungkom & Niyom
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DVD Karaoke

***Loogtoong Lao***

Feel the power of sweet loogtoong vocals from this set of twin talents. All original songs accompanied by sweet loogtoong melodies. Released by Sam's Entertainment.

Tracks: 1. Pbuay-jai-gai-fan 2. Yuit-puk-jai 3. Loog-sao-poo-kong 4. Sook-terd-kon-dee 5. Song-lawh-tawh-jai 6. Keo-lah-tin 7. Parb-noy-tan-narng

8. Pairh-kaow-pawh-haow-jon 9. jarc-na-lah-saow 10. Sook-sun-vanh-maow.

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$ 15.00

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