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Vonevilai Khampoomee
***Looktoong Lao*** Bolero, Lumvong and 3-Cha. This is one of those albums that should not be left out from anyone's list. Very very well done. Incredible singing, good music and great acting on the music video. Get this one or you may be sorry when it's no longer available! Tracks: 1.Pone gun sia tee 2.Pet nai tom 3.Tum ma xard tard xon 4.Goo larb tan gye 5.Nao nee nong san la tome 6.La tri vieng thong 7.Sao kham mouan 8.Heen hurb dan gnarm 9.Hua oke mae harng 10.Vieng nai fun 11.Bor keuy leurm din 12.Noom lao sao thai


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