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Gularb Meaungpear
***Looktoong Lao***

Lumvong, 3-Cha and Lum. Latest release from TYS productions. If you haven't heard looktoong Lao lately, don't missed the opportunity to hear this one. All new songs and new beat. Highly recommended!!!!

Tracks: Xerng boon pba pay nee lao | Sao lao terng yung coy | Farc jai vai gub fan peng | Pua pai nong baw sone | Fan gow tee kow lirm | 18 pbee xee kow | Huk tair hai mae ma kaw | Aharn det lao | Huk tair yu sai | Pearh lard barnh hua | Longe dollar jon sear tua.


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