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Moonlite Entertainment is the source of home entertainment products for Lao and Thai speaking communities in the Seattle area and beyond.......

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Lao CDs
Welcome to our Lao CD page. All items you see on our page could be purchased online by using your credit cards or by sending a check or money order. This portion of our online store may be small at the moment, but it's not because the lack of products. We are updating this page as often as time allow. You will surely see the growth of this page in the near future. Our goal is to provide all Lao music products to our fellow Laotain in the US and across the globe. If you are a self-produced artists/singers and would like us to distribute your product, please feel free to contact us.
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TouiBbgunSpecial_small.jpg (2452 bytes)New!

Toui Bb Gun

TouiBbgunSweetmelody.jpg (97392 bytes)New!

Toui Bb Gun

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LD Sky

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Xye Indara

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Funny Girls

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Alexandra Boonxuay

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605.jpg (73738 bytes)New!

605 Paradise

xay.jpg (97307 bytes)New!

Xay Siengsavanh

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parn_small.jpg (2565 bytes)

Parn Duangpraseuth

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blackflame_small.jpg (3154 bytes)

Black Flame, Confusion

noy_small.jpg (2636 bytes)

Noy Sydanon

pon_small.jpg (2628 bytes)

Phone Phoummithone

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vunpeng_small.jpg (2711 bytes)

Vunpeng Sparnmit

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Dingfah "Tu" Daraphet

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lao.jpg (385387 bytes)

Lao rap

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noy1.jpg (631770 bytes)

Noy Sydanon

blackflame1.jpg (655802 bytes)

Black Flame

femalenoy.jpg (627184 bytes)

Noy Seangsuriya

daunglerdee.jpg (544039 bytes)

Duanglerdee Seemeaungxay

sawseepaseuth.jpg (105543 bytes)

Saw Seepaseuth

numxoke.jpg (91162 bytes)

Numxoke Xailerxa

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