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Vannasak Thongulai
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***Loogtoong Lao***

Looking for a new star in loogtoong Lao?  Please listen to this album with an openned mind. This incredible new singer will pleased your listening pleasure with his sweet voice. Featuring new songs feel with good melodies.

Tracks: 1.  goolarb-muang-pearh  2. sieng-kuan-jarc-kon-pbuay-AIDS  3. kaw-pben-pa-ake  4. beur-kum-sa-barn  5. kon-tai-jai-dee  6. jum-leuy-huk

             7. narmta-la-narng  8. u-thon-savanh  9. sao-tha-ngorn  10. jote-mye-sa-bub-suit-tye  11. mae-ka-thua-lien.

$ 15.00

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