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Kanethong Proagonkham...Lao DVD karaoke
***Looktoong Lao***

Bolero, Lumvong and 3-Cha. This is one the best Lao album ever put together. Great collection of songs, good vocal, good music arrangement and great video!! Highly recommended!!!!!

Tracks: 1. Pai mee hua jai huk tare 2. Yard narm fon yote narm ta 3. La nong pai neaw nah 4. Now mog meaung neur 5. Vone nong gub keun 6. Kon 7. Piang nong jarc 8. Ai piang tare kit 9. Leur peang parb 10. Hen ai bor parc 11. Um nard huk 12. Ying hai narm jai


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