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Jumpy & Vanxay
***Loogtoong Lao***

Bolero, ta-loong and teuy.

This is one amazing album! Great singing by both singers. Jumpy is rather new in the scene, but pack a very unique voice. Vanxay has had many albums before this one, but this is truely his best one.  There many good original ( new ) songs by these singers.    Great video editings by LSK productions.  Highly recommended.

Tracks:  1. Bah-jieng-karm-kong  2. Gub-baan-pit-yarm  3. Huk-sao-meaung-sing  4. Huk-sao-serm-sauy  5. Bog-huk-tarng-toe-la-sub  6. Larng-jai-narng  7. Bor-dai-bor-yorm  8. Bang-huk-bang-jai  9. Hen-jai-sao-mae-harng  10. Gub-baan-terd-pba-nee  11. Ta-ven-dang-hang-kwaum-lung  12. Huk-peur-vung-tang.

$ 13.00

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