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***Mixed combinations***

Lao Rap, bolero, teuy and xeung. (RAP-sample)

Looking something new and fun? give this album a listen, you will definitely be intriqued. A fresh mix of lyrics and beat, everyone sure will find their favorites.

Tracks:  1. Rap  2. 4-kon  3.  Kwuan-jai-mae-harng  4.   Un-deow-nun-lah  5.  Buk-tia-tua-dum  6.  Gon-lum-jeeb 7.   Sao-lao  8.  Maow-huk   9. Playboy  10. S.E.A Fest (Lowell)  11. Lote-gaow-sao-tim  12.  Vone-huk-Louisiana  13. Huk-saow-laow-sabai.

$ 15.00

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