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Moonlite Entertainment is the source of home entertainment products for Lao and Thai speaking communities in the Seattle area and beyond.......

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Lao Karaoke
Please look thru our complete list of Lao karaoke selection. Over the years, Lao karaoke production companies have work hard on bringing us better video, better music and better technology, such as offering DVD format. Please help us support your music, your favorite singers, by purchasing only original copies. Without your support, there will be no progress in lao music!!!


Lao VCD karaoke are $10.00/each, Lao DVD karaoke are $15.00/each, plus shipping.

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Oyjai & Vonevilai

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Oyjai & Pbakyetoom & Pbakyetip

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Dang & Pbakyetoom & Pbakyetip

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Boonkum Sittided

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Boonkum Sittided

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Komesun Kumsone

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Boonlieng Pomemati

ipalard_small.jpg (3894 bytes)

Dang/Xye Meaungneur

kookwuan_small.jpg (4286 bytes)

Vonevilai & Hongsumpard

somxye_monhuk_small.jpg (4083 bytes)

Somxye & Malavanh

yartnarm_small.jpg (4031 bytes)

Daraphet &Uokeo & Sombath & Supaluk

pinkeo_small.jpg (4292 bytes)

Pinkeo Veowtip

narmoy_small.jpg (3550 bytes)

Narmoy Goyjai

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kumpungaisee_small.jpg (4502 bytes)

Gaisee & Kumpun

noy_seangsuriya_small.jpg (4015 bytes)

Noy Seangsuriya

tysspecial1_small.jpg (3643 bytes)

TYS special edition 1

aimotedeng_small.jpg (3339 bytes)

Ai Motedang/Alee

gaisee2_small.jpg (3991 bytes)

Gaisee & Viengsvanh & Kumpun

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