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Goe & Bounsvard
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***Lao ballroom dancing favorites****

A whole collection of Lao ballroom dancing favorites could be found in this amazing dvd karaoke. This dvd doesn't only offer great singing enjoyment, but it also features professional dancers! If you ever needed to learn to dance to cha-cha, limbo rock, twist, off-beat, ta-loong, tango, waltz and rumba.

Tracks: 1. Xung-kon-parc-waan  2. kon-oke-huk  3. Bor-som-gun-dorg  4. Yah-leum-sao-naa  5. Taena-tum-gun  6. Yah-longe-poo-xye  7. Hon-tarng-huk   8. Kon-jon-kon-jon  9. Poo-xye-bor-mee-muang-porh  10. Kum-kirn-deoun-ngye  11. Xern-jong  12. Tee-huk-euy.


$ 15.00

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