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Komesun Kumsone
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DVD Karaoke

***Loogtoong Lao***    Bolero, Cha Cha, Teuy.

This is an amazing album. Komesun truely has a voice for the sweet loogtoong melody. Having the prettiest dancers may have something to do with our high sale volume! See it for yourself!


Tracks:   1. Tua gai jai yoo gaih  2. Pai lirm pai gon  3. Tome gai xoom sao  4. Vun tee nong tang  5. Nong ker ya jai  6. Kon jon kard huk   7. Sunya jai  8. Tarm ha fan xer lae  9.  Pair noy  10. Ying song pua  11. Sao lae lirm tua  12. Kon jon boon noy.

$ 15.00

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