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Petmanee & Kanethong & Vilaihonge
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DVD karaoke

***Loogtoong Lao***

Bolero, Lumvong and Cha cha.

TYS entertainment introducing new talent, Petmanee.  Along with their best selling artists, Kanethong and Vilaihonge. This album deserves to be collected amongst Lao DVD karaoke collections. Get yours today.

Tracks:  1. Narmta sao ope pa yope  2. Kit hord jung leuy  3. Sao ler coy huk  4. Sao na la huk  5. Tong garn fan  6. Huk tae jonge pbai kaw   7. Xern vae harn noy  8. Narn gern law  9. Sieng kuon jarc sao sode   10.  Jum leuy huk  11. Honge lirm na  12. Mote deoun gaw mote gnirn.

$ 15.00

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