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Kanethong Pragonkham
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***Looktoong Lao***

Bolero, Lumvong, Cha cha.

Following his well accpeted first album "La nong pbai neaw na", this album"Thanakarn hua jai" has gotten very good reviews. Don't miss your chance to hear this recently released (2/01/2003) album.

Tracks: 1. Baw huk ya log 2. Lieng moo vai tha jek 3. Yung coy Somsee 4. Thanakarn hua jai 5. Mae harng loog song

6. Lirm gun searh terd 7. Snae sao tha gnorn 8. Sao kunthaburee 9. Gularb na xye thong 10. Sunya dai baw 11. Pben yung baw xeur? 12. Sao thonge baan na.

$ 15.00

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