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Lingthong Khampoomee
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***Looktoong Lao***

Cha cha and party beats!

Linthong Khampoomee has made a name for herself when she toured the U.S a couple years ago as one of the best performers and a sex symbol to many fans. Don't miss your chance to own this electrifying album, filled the the right moves and music that one could party to.

Tracks: 1.  Ti-nong-born-dai  2.  Noy-jai  3. Yarc-lirng-keuy-ai   4. Yarc-ja-upe  5.  Mea-pai-ma?  6.  Vad-sna-see  7.   Mun-duan-girn-pbai  8.  Huang-fan  9.  Remote-hua-jai  10.   Kard-huk  11.  Aa-lai-huk  12.  Tarng-xee-vit

$ 15.00

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