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Moonlite Entertainment is the source of home entertainment products for Lao and Thai speaking communities in the Seattle area and beyond.......

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Welcome to Moonlite Entertainment online shop. Please take your time, browsing through our online shop.   The products are set up into categories, such as; Lao CDs, Lao karaoke, Movies & Drama series and Store specials ( this section conatains unique gift ideas).  This website is constanstly being updated as new products become available on the market.   Our website is fully equiped to process your orders online, there is no form to print and filled.  All the items you see on this site could be purchased by using your VISA or MASTER CREDIT CARDS/ Money orders/ Checks. Orders will be shipped on the following day, by United States Postal Service Priority mail (a 3 day service), please allowed up to a week to filled the order.

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Gularb Meaungpearh

Exciting new album.

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Toi & Kompet

Latest Loogtoong Stars from Sam's Ent.

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  Future Releases


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  Our best sellers
Here are some of the top-selling products in our store:
Gularb_small.jpg (3497 bytes) Gularb Meaungpear

Sao lao terng yung coy
$ 13.00!

gamatheptuanoi21_small.jpg (4055 bytes) Ga-ma-tep-tua-noy

(Thai drama series)



hukliem_small.jpg (3452 bytes) Huk-liem-pra-garn
(Thai action drama series)

$ 24.00

maekhuneuy_small.jpg (2832 bytes) Mae-khun-euy
(Thai romance drama series)

$ 34.50

komsunldv080_small.gif (13208 bytes) Komsun Khamsone

Nong ker ya jai

$ 15.00

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