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Dingfah "Tu" Daraphet
***Looktoong Lao***

Lumvong, Cha Cha and Bolero. One of the best Lao vocals I have personally listened to. If you like "Ott Opard", you would love to listen to this singer with new Lao songs.

Tracks 1. Huk nong pieng kon deow 2. Gularb gao kao lirm 3. Hua jai lon bon oak narng 4. Kun a-sa 5. Longe huk fan kow 6. A-deed huk 7. Huk rag pope 8. Sarm kung paw tee 9. Ying tun ha 10. leaur pieng parp vivah 11. Farc huk duay sye ta 12. Mea nog baan.


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